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What I got up to in Dublin in April during Quarantine

I normally write about my travel, but just like you, I wasn’t able to travel this month. Due to the governmental restrictions that have been enforced since March 27th here in Ireland, I have not been able to travel further than 2km from my home. For people over the age of 70, living in Ireland it is even more strict as they cannot leave their homes whatsoever. For many, this has been a very traumatic event.  Many of my own friends and family are really struggling to get through this. It’s a weird time to be alive. However, personally I’ve actually been dealing with the quarantine reasonably well. I was trying to figure out wondering why? I wanted to get my head around it by writing this article. So I thought I would write down and document my experiences of being in Dublin during the Covid19 pandemic and what I’ve been getting up to while stuck indoors.

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