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13 great travel industry blogs you must read

Tour Guide Sexy Rexy beside his bar in Negril, Jamaica

Tour Guide Sexy Rexy beside his bar in Negril, Jamaica

I found some great travel industry blogs I thought you might be interested in. They include blogs on what it’s like to run a guesthouse, some provide the latest in travel industry trends, hotel marketing or other insightful resources. In particular, I found the on-the-ground industry blogs to be fascinating. You can get a snapshot into a day in a life of a person in the tourism industry.

It would be a great exercise for many executives detached from the day-to-day consumer facing roles to experience being on the front line. (I would love to see a blog about that – the CEO as a reservations agent for a week) It might even provide more useful knowledge than commissioning that fancy expensive agency to give you a report about ‘why we are losing market share’ or ‘how can improve the customer experience’.

This is a working  list. So please feel free to leave a comment/reply below to add your suggestions. Is there a blog that you constantly read? Please let me know? Do you disagree with any on the list? Just tell me.

I have included links to the RSS feeds and Twitter so you can add them directly.

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