What to do in Beautiful Bergamo Italy

What to do in beautiful bergamo italy

What to do in beautiful Bergamo Italy

We received a really warm welcome when we checked into our Airbnb. When you choose not to stay in a standard hotel chain, you tend to get more personal service from people who actually care, and give you lots of local tips and what to do in Bergamo Italy or wherever you might be staying. This can lead to a richer travel experience overall. When we were in Italy last year in Lake Maggiore we also used Airbnb. 

What to do in Beautiful Bergamo Italy

Our apartment was located half way between the old and new towns. After settling in we tool the furnicular to the old town and had a beer and brushette as a snack in Bar Dell’ Angelo.

First beer in Bergamo citta alta

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After a good nights sleep on the recommendation of our Airbnb host we took the furnicular up again the the old town and had brunch in the cafe at the station. The friendly waitress informed us that there would be a 15 minute wait for food as the chef was on a break but served us espresso’s in the meantime. We weren’t in a hurry and were happy to have the time to soak up the view.

Furnicular cafe Bergamo old town

Furnicolare Cafe Bergamo old town


Visiting San Vigilio


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After a tasty tomato and mozzarella Focaccia we took the 2nd furnicular to the town above called San Vigilio. We sauntered around and walked upto the castle to enjoy another view on the of the mountains. Before heading back we sat outside and enjoyed a platter of antipasti and finished off with another espresso.

Where to experience a Birreria in Bergamo

Birreria Pozzo Bianco Bergamo

Birreria Pozzo Bianco Bergamo

We went to the buzzing Birreria and had pizza and a sampled a few local craft beers. There was a young lively student crowd. We were seated downstairs and within minutes all the other tables were full.

Where to enjoy Grand Café experience

Grand Café Balzer Bergamo

Grand Café Balzer, Bergamo

We strolled around town looking for a record store but it looked like it had been closed down. We ended up in a classic Grand Cafe called Balzer. The waitress presented us with a two slices of a local speciality cake for us to try for free. Alex inhaled both slices while I was distracted with the map unfortunately –  I have to be quicker next time.

Where to buy wine in Bergamo


Fontana di Sant'Agata Wine Shop Bergamo

Fontana di Sant’Agata Wine Shop Bergamo

In the old town there are lots of shops to delight your gastronomic senses. One of these is a small but incredible wine shop called Entoeca Fontana di Sant’Agata. They also have a shop at Bergamo Airport. The floor of the shop is glass and you can see down to the 2000 year old ruins below. We sampled some wines and the manager recommended us to try Primitivo once we were in southern Italy. It happened to be an excellent suggestion and we were hooked.

Where to eat Polenta in Bergamo

Street food Italian style. The first polenta take away. #bergamo #streetfood

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Bergamo is the place for Polenta. So for our last dinner we had to try the street food from Polenta One under an archway. Friends gathered with their dogs and enjoyed hot bowls of polenta washed down with wine or beer.

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