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I am a freelance travel writer (view portfolio), Dubliner, idea generator, traveller, marketing professional and ultimate travel nerd. My published articles on my global adventures have appeared in national publications such as the Irish Times, Backpacker Magazine, and online at NileGuide, Travel Intelligence and state.ie. I have also appeared on primetime Irish radio on The John Murray Show on RTE Radio 1.

Over 7 years’ experience in the tourism and travel industry enabled me to work for national tourism boards, leading tourist attractions and tour operators. During this time I edited a national tourism publication, created copy for various websites, newsletters, brochures and marketing material. I am also a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance and National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

Tales of travel flowed through my childhood from family and friends. It mixed with various travel books and documentaries (such as Michael Palin’s 80 Days Around the World) to ignite my passion from early on. Even when temporarily settled I enjoy going through the most inane piece of travel information to create detailed travel itineraries for fun.

When the ‘itch’ gets too strong I have been known to rearrange the furniture in an attempt to change my environment in some way. It’s usually a sign to start packing the backpack and contacting the utility companies. My boyfriend and I have packed up our lives twice in favour of long term travel around South East Asia. Currently we are based in Melbourne, Australia after meandering through Amsterdam, Germany, Thailand, China, Laos and Malaysia on our last travel stint. We are not sure where we are headed next but are open to suggestions.



At last count I have travelled to over 120 destination in 27 countries and lived in London, Prague, Amsterdam, Melbourne as well as my home town of Dublin. Most travellers have different rules about what they count as a country visited. For some if you step off the plane you count it, for others a number of hours have to be spent in the destination. I count any destination where I have spent at least one night. I prefer if I can to travel slowly. This is represented in the ratio of destinations visited to countries. Ideally I like to spend at least a couple of months to 1 month or more. This enables me to dig deeper and get under the skin of a place and share experiences with the people there.





Toots and the Maytals

State Magazine

Interview with Grammy award winning Toots and the Maytals

12th August 2010

Backstage at the Reggae Geel festival in Belgium Frederick “Toots’’ Hibbert removed his rock-star shades. He leaned forward intensely and said, in a husky Jamaican accent “I was the one who coined the word Reggae, I was the one who invented the word reggae”...

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RTÉ Radio 1 – John Murray Show

RTÉ Radio 1 -  The John Murray Show
RTÉ Radio 1 - The John Murray Show

20th September 2010

The Irish Times

The Irish Times

Dutch Courage

14th February 2009

EVERY TIME I return to Amsterdam I am thankful that the Dutch colonised countries with great food. Many people, for example, think the Dutch were mad to swap New York for Suriname. I bet they have never tasted the food from that part of South America, however. A chin- dribbling spicy chicken roti with lashings of sambal sauce – wearing a bib is highly recommended – would quickly change anyone’s mind, especially if it’s from Roopram Roti, my favourite Surinamese restaurant....

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Dublin Local Expert

December 2009 – March 2011<



Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine

Brooklyn Beats

October 2008

Article exploring Brooklyn's hipster Williamsburg district and New York's underground Reggae scene. Own photography used.




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  • Patrick

    Re: Using AIB Ireland to transfer funds internationally.

    I am in Thailand at the moment travelling. I was looking last year to buy a house in Ireland and transferred 200000 Euro for the purpose from my UK account to AIB. It was a simple and fast transfer via an FX Company in the UK although the cost was 20 GBP. I found a suitable abode, however I was being swindled by the local Estate Agents, so decided not to buy. I decided to leave the funds in an immediate access account, not earning interest. In order that the funds were available at a moments notice when the exchange rate was right. That day arrived last Friday the 8th of July 2016 following the British Exit from the European Union. Yeahhhh. Now to transfer the funds to my FX Broker, They asked where the funds were and said it would not be simple to transfer from Ireland. I checked with AIB and it was so, No transfers of over 5000Euro without going in to the Branch, really? You are kidding, I’m in Thailand, in this age of the computer and instant access? It’s for ‘your’ protection. Really? I don’t need it! I am 56 I don’t need that sort of protection from a 20 something Bank Clerk. Why can’t I transfer online like normal UK Banks the security it top rate? It’s my money….. (I am in Thailand by the way) . No, you have to send a letter with a Pay-link form? That’s safer? Well, I am angry, to say the least. I send the form and my ID and a letter detailing the required transfer, (that’s safer?) On Monday the 11 the Bank got the DHL (55 Euro) letter. The transfer took place, but the Euro was gaining ground. On Friday I could get .85GBP for my Euro, now it was .829. I decided to opt for a ,83 transfer rate which I got some 30 minutes later. Now I am at a loss of over 4000GBP. Thank you AIB, Cost of transfer by UK Bank, 20GBP Cost via AIB 4035 GBP minimum. Plus the loss of a years interest on 200000Euro. MAY YOU ROT IN HELL AIB!!! I’ll see the Ombudsman.