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Where we stayed in Puglia, Italy


Where we stayed in Puglia Italy

Where we stayed in Puglia Italy

Puglia is a region in southern Italy located at the ‘heel of the boot’.  Although we had both been to Italy several times neither of us had been to this part of the country before. It is mainly visited by holidaying Italians and manages to escape the influx of mass tourism that other parts of the country can be prone to. When I was researching for the trip I found it difficult to find information in English. So I hope this post will help you decide on where to stay in Puglia.  We certainly found a few gems that I would highly recommend. Continue reading

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Exploring the Squatted Bari Barracks Ex-Caserma Liberata

Ex Caserma Liberata, squatted army barracks in Bari #soundsystem #streetart great people #Italy

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After a few days exploring Bergamo we flew down to Bari with a cheap Ryanair flight. Originally I thought it might be nice to take the train and meander down the length of Italy. Unfortunately, the cost came to a few hundred euro, the time it would take was going to take half a day at least and the flight came to 40 euro for both of us. Decision made. Continue reading

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What to do in Beautiful Bergamo Italy

What to do in beautiful bergamo italy

What to do in beautiful Bergamo Italy

We received a really warm welcome when we checked into our Airbnb. When you choose not to stay in a standard hotel chain, you tend to get more personal service from people who actually care, and give you lots of local tips and what to do in Bergamo Italy or wherever you might be staying. This can lead to a richer travel experience overall. When we were in Italy last year in Lake Maggiore we also used Airbnb.  Continue reading

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Panini’s with a view of Lake Maggiore & ‘Big Chuck’


San Carlo Hotel & Restaurant Pannini with a view

We sauntered in the direction of the lake, past bakeries that were closed, hairdressers, fish shops and estate agents. The people seemed happy and animated. The spray from a large fountain cooled us down. I then saw a group of Muslim women and men praying in the shade of a tree towards the lake. Surrounding the worshippers were dog walkers ambling, Italian tourists lazing on benches, couples taking selfies and kids playing and laughing. It felt like everyone was happily doing their own thing but as part of a community. Continue reading

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Visiting Rocca di Arona Viewpoint at Lake Maggiore

Visiting Rocca di Arona - Angera italy view

Visiting Rocca di Arona – Angera italy view

We wandered from the centre of Arona in Lake Maggiore with no particular direction in mind. However, the sign for Rocca di Arona peaked our curiosity so we headed in that up another hill towards it. On the way I saw a “nonna” hunched over moving slowly but with purpose. She had a leathery  iron creased face and was clutching a spade.  all set to do some hard core gardening. Italian Grannies are great. Continue reading

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