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Exploring Lanta Island – The southern beaches viewpoint and beyond

Lanta island was big enough to spent several days exploring the Island (with our leisurely speeds).

(Published on: Nov 15, 2010 @ 15:45)

First Sunset on Koh Lanta Thailand

First Sunset on Koh Lanta Thailand

One particularly demanding trip that we made twice by motorbike was to explore the southern Beaches of Koh Lanta Thailand. Up to about 2/3 of the Island on the east coast the roads are pretty good but when you get to the southern bays the road suddenly goes into very steep ascents and descents  and when you get to Nui Bay the road surface suddenly just stops all together while on a steep descent, turning into a messy track with big sharp rocky patches and muddy/sandy parts.  This winds its way up and down over the rocky hills surrounding the southern bays. Very punishing to bums and motorbike but offering beautiful views. on our 2 trips we saw various monkeys and a some stage also an elephant crossing the road with its minder.

Roads in Southern Koh Lanta

Road to souther beaches on Koh Lanta, Thailand

Jungle road to Southern beaches Koh Lanta, Thailand

The beaches of these bays looked very nice and felt very remote still with almost no tourists wondering along the shores and dense jungle coming right up to the beach. Unfortunately large scale building projects were happening even here so its probably only a matter of time before the road is improved and the area will loose its remote charm. For now however the southern beaches still feel pretty far flung and quiet. There are a view scattered resorts and bars and the atmosphere is very laid back.

Southern Beaches of Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta southern jungle beach Thailand

Koh Lanta southern jungle beach Thailand

Another drive brought us up to the viewpoint cafe which is halfway down a winding road that cuts through the islands hilly interior, to connect the  west coast of the island with its eastern coast. It has 2 decks hanging over the Jungle and giving 180 degree views over the paddies/fishponds and the small islands and mainland that lie beyond. The view was mesmerizing and the coffee a mouthwatering strong Arabica definitely added to the excitement.

Hammock shop in Koh Lanta

Cat in hammock shop Koh Lanta Thailand

White cat in hammock shop Koh Lanta Thailand

From the viewpoint onwards we drove on to Lanta old town on the East coast. This quiet one street town was all traditional style with quiet shops and cafes almost no traffic. We saw several cats walking around and it felt as if there were almost more cats than people about. We visited the local Hammock shop which specialised in the handmade hammocks made by minority tribes and sold on fair trade principals. A cat was a sleep in its own small hammock in the corner and a large selection of hammocks was available to satisfy Vourneen’s obsession with anything hammock. After swinging around in the different hammocks for a while we set out to the south western side off the island.

Quirky treehouse accomodation in Koh Lanta

Treehouse bungalows remote resort Koh Lanta Thailand

Treehouse bungalows remote resort in Koh Lanta Thailand

On the southwest tip of Lanta Island accessible by a good but extremely winding road sits a quirky and very cool resort with a range of different style bungalows varying from 2 story wooden bungalows shaped like boats to Tree Houses and cave bungalows.  There was a pool and the place had its own rocky and sandy beach for chilling and snorkeling. The place was completely deserted except for a couple of staff. We asked for the prices but unfortunately they were a bit outside our budget. After a quick drink it was time to wind are way back home.

Thirsty Monkey at southern beach resort Koh Lanta Thailand

Thirsty Monkey at southern beach resort Koh Lanta Thailand

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