Most scenic places I’ve been: Negril, Jamaica

Negril Beach, Jamaica
This photo is in honour of my friend Aisling who is currently volunteering in Jamaica with Amizade NGO.

I had been backpacking around Cuba for a few weeks during the summer of 2001. Travelling the country by train, taxi and various other means and staying in illegal private homes or ‘particulares’ along the way to Santiago. I couldn’t face the horrendous 16 hour train back to Havana* so I opted to fly to Montego Bay, Jamaica instead on a cheap flight with Air Jamaica.

We stayed right on the beach at  Alfred’s Place in Negril. The soundsystem parties below in the bar were so loud, that a glass of water would vibrate straight off my bedside locker.   Meeting the local characters for me was definitely a highlight.  However, waking up, looking out the window and seeing paradise every morning was something I will never forget.

Jamaica is bitter-sweet for me. In the last hour, on the last day we were held up a knife point on the main street at 8am. I can still remember the glint of the knife in the morning light.

Jamaican travel safety advice

Fly into Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Take a 60-90 minute shuttle van ride to Negril.

* in the link we ended up with the overnight train 7 or 8 not recommended

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