Paradise, Koh Wai, Thailand (Febrauary 27, 2007)

I am just back from paradise! last few days we spent in Ko Wai a tropical island 3km long by 1.5 km wide, no roads, electricity on occasion and only 2 resorts we stayed beside ‘paradise resort’ in ‘Coral’ the slightly posher one at 14euro per night for the ensuite room.

Our bungalow a few paces from the pristine golden shore and sparkling clear sea. There is so little on the island you cannot be but relaxed. Your day is broken up by snorkelling in the sea (amazing kaleidoscope of colour and shapes of coral and fish just a few meters from the shore), lounging over lunch, reading in the sun and maybe an afternoon snooze. There are numerous small idyllic beaches here and you can go exploring by trekking a few minutes along the dirt path through the coconut trees or by sea kayak to find your own deserted beach, pure bliss. Ko Wai is probably the most amazing place I have visited so far for pure beach heaven.

An hour boat trip back to the fishing village of Bangbao and we were back on Ko Chang soil again. It was, to say the least, ‘interesting’ to get off the boat; first I climbed from our boat to another boat then as the pier was too high there was no plank across, so I had to climb up 2 giant tyres, that were dangling on a piece of string and helped by 2 boatmen to reach the pier, it was not a glamorous exit, to say the least! Coming from the quiet tiny island this seemed like a bustling New York and took a few moments to readjust before hopping in the back of a pickup to the largest town on the Island ‘White Sands’ where we are now.

The next few days doing our preparations for departure to Cambodia, the joy of getting extra malaria tablets, negotiation dollar rates and getting funny passport photos. But why not do these mundane things from the comfort of ‘White Sands’ where our bungalow is only a few meters away from the golden shoreline which stretches over 3.5km! Lovely listening to the waves at night and watching sundown from the balcony.

Well, will update you again soon before travels to Cambodia bye for now. PS hope the weather isn’t too bad!! its only 30 degrees here ; )

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