June 2020 – Life update, Oranmore trip & direct watercolour challenge

Oranmore horse

Oranmore horses

I’ve decided to keep going with this monthly journal to document what I get up to during this time. It’s a way for me to personally reflect on the last few weeks and to look ahead at future goals.

This month the restrictions lifted. I have learned that it makes a huge difference even knowing you can travel more than 2km, even if you don’t actually go that far! There is a faint pulse of life back in the city. Restrictions were lifted on 29th for bars & cafés serving food. It was actually exciting to see people sitting at pre-booked tables together. Wild times indeed. There were queues for barbers and a scramble for appointments with hairdressers. The traffic is one thing I am not grateful to see return.

Last month we made the decision to move to somewhere more spacious and close to nature. This month, we found a temporary home in Oranmore with a seaview we will move into on 10th July. It’s an ideal location, walking distance to both train, bus, supermarkets and the sea! We are doing this move in steps, first step move to Galway next step is to figure out what to do with our place in Dublin.

We also decided to buy a car which will pick up on Friday all going well. The insurance cost, well let’s just not go there.

So what did I get up to this month?


Oranmore, Galway

We took our first trip outside of Dublin this month!!! We borrowed a car and took a day trip to Oranmore to view the rental property we will move into. It was a glorious day and enjoyed every minute of it.  We got a takeaway pizza from Thomas & Co and sat outside at socially distant picnic tables before viewing the apartment. Maybe the it was the tomatoe sauce that got to me but we decided to take the apartment 🙂



Oranmore bench

Oranmore bench – I hope to sit here and stare out a the sea a lot embracing my inner granny!!

Killiney Hill

On another trip, we borrowed a car again and drove to Killiney and walked up to the summit and to this magnificent view that sweeps the shoreline. As you know I am not the greatest navigator so

Dollymount strand at Bull island

Dollymount strand at Bull island



Friends & Family

We finally were able to meet up with lots of family this month. It felt really nice to catch up with my aunt, my parents and my sister, brother-in-law, and niece.

I also hung out in person with some mates again which felt great after all the 2d zoom catch-ups. It’s just not quite the same.


Art & Creativity

As usual, I have been doing some sketching with the Dublin Sketchers group.  I also started the 30x30directwatercolor2020 challenge. I got a little way into the month but with everything going on with the move I didn’t continue with the daily pace. However, I did paint way more than usual and I would love to have a daily practice routine when things settle down a bit.


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Learning, reading & watching

I havn’t really done much online learning courses this month. Just a few Youtube tutorials here & there about Etsy.

What I’ve been reading

I finished a brilliant travel book Borderlines: A Journey In Thailand And Burma by Charles Nicholl

It is a must-read for anyone who has traveled through Thailand. Nicholl managed to really capture the spirit of Thailand in this journal. It is an easy read but the narrative is rich with insights into the culture and life at the time and the vibe of the place.

Next up: Not sure – I need some suggestions here

What I’ve been watching 

  • I rewatched Father Ted just for a few laughs.
  • Architectural Sketching – Domestika Course



I’ve been relatively busy with client work the last few weeks. Again this month a surprising amount of prospective project requests came in which is reassuring. I feel the recession hasn’t hit yet and because of all the change going on with Covid people just need extra support right now. Many of my clients are also looking to hire full-time staff members. I think the tech/ software industry is still in a bubble and so far it’s yet to burst thank goodness.


Everything yummy, you name it. Highlight was the pizza from Thomas & Co in Oranmore though.


I really, really have to just stop eating my way through this quarantine. I managed to work my way through most of Yoga with Adrienne’s – yoga for weight loss playlist. It did help with strengthening and if I hadn’t eaten the amount I did this month I probably would have lost some weight. However, I am afraid to go near my scales so I have no idea. I also did quite a bit of cycling again this month, to Sandymount, Kimmage and to Phoenix Park.  We also did a lot of walks around town and a longer walk to Rathmines. In total, it added up to 67k steps which is definitely an increase from the 19k I did in April! Also walking more was one of my goals for this month so I’m glad I was able to tick this one off the list.  Lastly, I completed a 5 day Qi Gong challenge with Lee Holden and felt it did me the world of good.

Goals & Plans for June

A review of goals I set for May

✔️ Daily yoga/ Qi Gong /Cycling – I can’t say this was daily but could say most days this month

❌ Get up & go to bed earlier and at a regular time even at weekends! – This is a disaster, not sleeping well dosn’t help

✔️ Finish Borderlines book

✔️ Sign up for 30×30 direct watercolor challenge and see how far I get with painting daily – got about halfway so very proud of this

❌ Get photos & 3d tour of apartment done for estate agent – decided to postpone this until after we move our stuff out

✔️  Get the plumber booked in – this was a tough one, finally after attempting to book in 3 different plumbers we got one that did the job for us.

✔️ Start painting the apartment – I have done the bathroom & started the hallway cupboard

✔️ Meet up with more people in-person

✔️ Plan a trip for July/ August – Galway? Amsterdam? – well I’ve already been to Galway and planning a move there this month so going to tick the box on this one also


Goals for July:

⭐ Buy a car

⭐ Move to Galway

⭐ Watch the sunset over Galway bay ( if we get the weather for it)

⭐ Go on a day trips around Galway

⭐ Spend more time outside

⭐ Get photos & 3d tour of the apartment done for estate agent

⭐ Get up & go to bed earlier and at a regular time even at weekends!

⭐ Visit parents in Kilkenny 🙂


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