Landed in Ko Chang Island, Lonely Beach ( FEBRUARY 12, 2007)

Hello/ Sawadee kah!

Well after an early rise a 5-hour minibus ride, 45 min ferry and 30 min ride in a pick up we finally arrived at Lonely Beach, Ko Chang only to find all accommodation was full! So the only option was to stay a luxury resort right on the sea, with a pool that melts into the horizon and gently shaded by coconut palms, oh well it’s a hard life! And it set us back a whole 20 euro including a full breakfast!!

I must say it’s a bit of a struggle getting used to the island life waking up having tasty food served to you. then strolling along a golden sandy beach with the warm waves lapping at your feet, anyway I could continue to torture you all but must resist.

Ko Chang is quite a mountainous island and has jungle interior so great sounds at night. There is only one road looping the circumference of the island and to get around we have been using ‘taxis’ which are really pickups which drive at angles you think are not humanly possible and with an open back to them, it can get a bit hairy at times so it’s wise to hold on tight!! It is quite developed as Thais are taking advantage of the tourist boom but still nothing as bad as some places have been to and the island is big enough to find a quiet or more chilled spot. Lonely Beach where we have based ourselves is a commercialized hippy village with some really funky bars and cafés. The Treehouse is the main spot which is built on wooden stilts right next to the rocky shoreline, you sit on low chairs and cushions while sipping the local ‘Singha’ beer and eating your favourite dish from home (whether it is a lasagna or toasted cheese they will cater to your craving ) and watching the sun go down.

Last night we ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant in white sands beach but it was right next to a bar full of Thai ‘girls’ calling after every boy who passed, I think Alex quite enjoyed the experience. The waiters all dressed in white suits and black bow tie and looking after your every need, an ice-cold flannel on arrival etc. We had a mouth-watering pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce washed down with a nice red and finished off with an Illy Cappuccino! Sometimes it is difficult to realize you’re in Thailand.

I was eaten alive by mosquitos as usual ( Alex has not been bitten once!!) I now look like a leper with all the red spots on my legs so I have found a new religion it is called “mosquit” and I now worship repellent and all things that stop mosquitoes biting me and the mozzie net is my temple!

We will be based here for a couple of weeks exploring the island and will be in touch with the next update soon. Hoping to do a bit of sea kayaking and maybe elephant trekking or perhaps sailing around the islands we’ll see. That’s all for now folks!

Originally posted on -our first travel blog on Feb 12th 2007