Still lazing in Koh Chang, Lonely Beach ( FEBRUARY 16, 2007)

Koh Chang, Lonely Beach 2007

So we’re still lazing in the sunshine on Lonely Beach, Ko Chang. Yesterday we rented a Sea Kayak for the day and paddled out across to the tiny island ‘Ko Man Nai’ where there was a small stretch of sand dotted with shells and 1 or 2 other Scandinavians for good measure. The Sweeds being the dominant tourist in Ko Chang. The landscape straight from a Japanese watercolour painting. We explored the warm bath-like shallow waters for shells before paddling across to another long sandy beach for a refreshing drink then back to base for dinner.

Have started to meet a few ‘local’ ex-pat barmen ‘Steve’ the burly barman from OZ , serving up buckets of cocktails, the friendly guy from Hong Kong and the Cheeky Thai skater dudes, who have been plying us with drinks and trying to get us both to go on there boat trip. So after seeing the people staggering back from the boat trip ranting and raving about how great it was, we have decided to take the plunge so tomorrow we head out to a couple of the islands (there are around 50 islands in the area) for snorkelling swimming and I maybe persuaded to have one or two drinks!!

You can feel the Irish have been here before us even the barman from Hong Kong has a few words of Irish – ‘Slainte’, ‘Conas ata tu?’. We were also introduced to ‘Jungle Juice’ which is Thai Vodka (cheaper and nastier than Samsung rum) with leaves of some sort left to marinade overnight before being served in shots to unsuspecting Sweeds.

Then we plan to head out to Ko Wai which is another island to the south of Ko Chang it only has 3 places to stay and electricity only runs for a couple of hours in the evening so that should be interesting! But the postcards perfect blue waters are apparently perfect for snorkelling and swimming so am really looking forward to that.





We were watching the sunset earlier sink into the sea, over dinner and a few beers….what can I say but life is really sweet.

Cheers for now