Stateside snippets: From New York, Boston & Dallas

Subway New York Skyline at Sunset

Subway Train with New York Skyline at Sunset


New york is a city that is ever-changing. She shows me a new side to her every time I visit.  It was love at first sight for me, the instant the Manhattan skyline revealed herself from the yellow cab window over a decade ago. We rekindled again a few years later for the St. Patrick’s day festivities, then again to visit friends in Queens and more recently experienced yet another new view of the big apple.


There is no other city that I have experienced that holds the same thrill or diversity as New York does. At this stage, I have experienced most of the major sights of New York. I have fond memories of watching 42nd street musical on 42nd street, sipping champagne from a revolving rooftop bar in Times Square, catching a Knicks game in Madison Square Gardens, taking a helicopter ride in Manhattan, walking across Brooklyn bridge and dancing till dawn at an underground reggae gig in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. When a city has shown me such a good time. I really didn’t expect much more.


Italian Food Center Little Italy NYC

Italian Food Center, Little Italy, NYC


This time the highlight was spending time with great friends, sharing giggles and enjoying  spectacular views. Soaking up the sparkling skyline at night from Long Island City. Then taking a day trip to Bear Mountain to watch from afar the skyline rising like jagged teeth. We walked around the lake where the Knickerbocker company was founded.


View from Amtrak train in NYC en route to Boston

View from Amtrak train in NYC en route to Boston


My favourite mode of transport by far is train. Its direct, often passes scenes that you cannot access by road and is far more comfortable that bus or air travel. I took the 4 hour long Amtrak train to Boston from Penn Station. There was a handy waiting area to pass the 50 minute delay offering fans, wifi and screens with some departure info. Finally, I said my goodbye’s to the great city while watching the sun slip down, casting a long shadow over the metropolis and listening to the clunk clunk of the carriage pass over the Hudson river.

Boston revisited

In comparison, Cambridge seems so clean, orderly and conservative. I was on a work trip and between meetings and training sessions spent a few days indulging in glutinous goodies and sampling local craft beers.

Howdy Dallas

I was a Texas virgin. I didn’t really know what to expect. On the plane, I saw my first real life cow girl slumped down in her seat with a wide brimmed hat used as an eye shade. Sitting next to her was a scrawny character complete with denims and a long greasy mullet. I really do try to keep an open mind but sometimes stereotypes just live up to their reputations. It was a very brief visit to the city I was only able to get a few hours to catch a glimpse. Dallas seemed showy, big and brash. Every car I saw seemed larger than my spare room, most of the buildings were new, tall and wide.  Everyone I met were very friendly, relaxed, welcoming and wealthy.  I was surprised to find alcohol is not served in restaurants after 9pm, breakfast burritos are the standard and I shocked the receptionist by saying I would walk the 20 mins to the mall. Maybe the next time I get a chance to visit I will be able to uncover more southern charm.

Cowboy cool, Dallas Texas

Cowboy cool, Dallas Texas


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