Being Back in Dub Town

Airbnb Guinness Guestroom

Airbnb Guinness Guestroom

The good thing about returning home after extensive travelling and not having a 9-5 job is that you have lots of free time to explore your own city. A lot has changed in the 2 years I’ve been away from Dublin and I’m enjoying getting to know her again.

For the first time, I have managed not to sink into a deep depression after returning from long-term travel. This possible has been to do with the fact we have had a string of visitors and have felt like I was ‘on holiday’ with them touring sights, going on day trips, road trips, eating out, having creamy pints of Guinness and listening to lots of traditional Irish music.

To get some extra cash while we are looking for work we have listed our spare room on Airbnb. The response has been phenomenal, with inquiries practically everyday. I think it has to do with the amount of hotels and accommodation providers closing in the past year and the amount of festivals & events at the moment so there is actually a shortfall.The Navy v Notre Dame football game alone drew 35,000 visitors to the city, the GAA football semi-finals and tall ships festival all gave a much-needed boost to the tourism sector here.

So far we’ve had a German and an American couple stay with us. It’s been a bit like an anthropological study. Some nationalities live up to their stereotype while others are polar opposite to what you would expect. It makes you stop and think and understand more about other cultures & countries through real conversation rather than through the media. Learning things that you would not otherwise be aware of. It is also interesting to learn about your country through the eyes of a stranger and their observations. Next up we have a couple from Hong Kong and a girl from Russia which I am really excited about.


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